KNOTS-NUDOS is an International Festival and Theatre Meeting that takes place every two years, in different parts of the world. It was born in 2011 with the alliance between the Argentinean theatre group Teatro In (Asociación Civil Teatro In), based in Bs.As. and the international theatre group Marinaio Teatro, based in Berlin. During the 1st edition of the festival in Berlin 2011, the MANIFESTO was edited and  the character and spirit of the festival were established.


The KNOTS.NUDOS’ program has duration of two weeks, in which all participants take part in all activities – play’s presentations, workshops, collective training and collective creation built among the groups to be shared with the audience in the end of the event.


In each edition of KNOTS.NUDOS, one of the groups that joins this “family of groups” hosts the festival in his own country and take responsibility of the edition’s management. In this perspective, the Festival reaffirms itself as a project of social and cultural character, incrementing its own management ability and conceiving a cultural program with national and international groups to empower the event in the host city and the relationship between the groups and the local agents of that city.


The major difference of KNOTS-NUDOS lies in the building of human and artistic bonds among theatre groups residing in different parts of the world and working under distinct socio-political circumstances that meet each biennial edition to share and rebuild other senses to their work.



KNOTS.NUDOS  is a theatre festival connected to an International Exchange Meeting of theatre groups. The aim of KNOTS is to promote the culture of the theatre group (the theatre of the group, after Eugenio Barba) and to establish knots/relations/bonds between theatre groups existing in different places of the world and under different socio-political circumstances.

The main principle of KNOTS is the meeting through the work.




Promote the culture of the theatre group

The participants of the festival must be related to the culture of the theatre group: they must be representatives of theatre groups independently of their role inside their group (directors, actors, musicians, dramatists etc).

Establish knots/relations/bonds/bridges between theatre groups existing in different places of the world and under different socio-political circumstances

The wish of the festival is to form a “family” of groups able to transcend its bonds in time, and find a continuation of work from festival to festival.

Meeting through the work

The members of the groups build their bonds starting from the experience of working together.

Relation to the socio-political reality of the hosting city

Intervene and let oneself be affected within the socio-political frame with the purpose to enrich the experience of each group and its cultural knowledge.

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